Slide away, and give it all you’ve got

Yesterday we went swimming at On-x in Linwood. We must have gone down the flume about 20 times! Much to Scott’s chagrin, he was not allowed down one of the flumes and I had to accompany him on the other. Towards the end, he kept trying to rush away from me to get down the flume by himself!

SAM_4854Scott is quite happy to wait for me to get dried and dressed 1st as long as he is cloaked and fed!

it was dry when we left the swimming pool so that meant a turn in the park before we went home.

SAM_4857 SAM_4859 SAM_4860

Today we took a trip to Heads of Ayr to visit Santa and have a shot in Scott’s favourite softplay ever.

Watching the lemurs outside Santa’s grotto:


SAM_4871Path to the grotto

SAM_4873 Having a chat with Santa – I was hoping Santa would make the point a bit more forcefully about staying in bed at night-time. I am knackered! (3, 4, 5.30 last night – not quite as bad as this time 3 years ago, but still……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

SAM_4874 SAM_4875

Unfortunately you are supposed to be aged 4 to go on the drop slides, so I had to tell a wee porky about Scott’s age. This led to him running around shouting; “I’m pretending I’m 4!”

He was big enough to climb up himself this time:


SAM_4877 SAM_4878

A lovely wee bonus was our friend Roslyn was there too! Her girl Rachel is on the red slide here while Scott is on the blue.SAM_4887


SAM_4896Just about his 40th go!

“Fowl Play” is also great fun for parents and kids.

SAM_4889 SAM_4891

Scott resorted to extreme tactics to hit his Dad here!SAM_4893

We couldn’t go all that way and not have a shot on the Red Slide:



Scott is starting to be a bit of a diva about his clothes. He wants to wear the t-shirt he had on today ALL the time! He seeks it out in his cupboard and pulls out various other clothing combinations. He also has a Batman hat and thinks he is the bees knees when he has both on! Fun times, but tiring after a late night and then a disturbed night. Lots of chores still to do for Christmas, so hoping for a better night tonight………I’ll let you know how that wish goes! 🙂

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