The Great Santa Debacle

This morning I decided to try the Portable North Pole message from Santa. It is really very cool and allows parents to set up a personalised video message from Santa. There are a few details to fill in to give Santa something to say: name, age, goes to nursery etc. There is also an option for a “naughty” “nice” or “naughty nice” child. I decided to go for the “naughty nice” option as a bit of an incentive for good behaviour. We have been getting a fair bit of hassle off Scott at bedtime when he won’t settle so I hoped that a wee message from Santa might do the trick. Big mistake! He was quite crushed by it so I feel terrible! I will need to do another one for next week! He has been checking with me throughout the day if Santa will bring him lego. We now have more specific requirements on this front – wee lego, gates, people and a board. Here’s hoping Scott can get onto Santa’s Nice List!

Yesterday we had the final Mini Kickers and Mini Movers of the session. Scott gave his gymnastics coach a wee present, but good luck to anyone hoping for a surprise present from Scott this year – “There you go Catherine. There’s some chocolate sweeties for you!”

So graceful! The shorts and t-shirt have to stay on ALL day on a Saturday. (Particularly unfortunate this week since Killie got pumped again!)


After gymnastics I had designs on a quiet Christmassy afternoon in the house. Scott had other ideas. Softplay it is then!

We had the place to ourselves so we stayed for an hour and a half chasing each other and playing pirates, trolls, wolves, witches etc!

SAM_4821 SAM_4822 SAM_4823 SAM_4826 SAM_4828 SAM_4829

The startlement is genuine – a troll was after him!


I did finally get my lazing on the couch when we got home. We sat to watch Harry Potter and the wee man dozed off:


Today we went to see Hansel and Gretel at the Vikingar with Gran. Scott loved it, though the witch was a bit scary at first!

Pre show posing


Scott’s picture of Gran:SAM_4837

Dancing along to Jingle BellsSAM_4839

The CastSAM_4842

The Snow! (Scott has just told me that in this picture the Witch is “nice now” but she “was quite wicked at the start” – It was genuinely scary at the start – I heard a fair few weans crying!)SAM_4843

Scott is starting to really enjoy playing games with us now. Dominoes is the current favourite – not so easy to say for a 3 year old! I better go off to play him again so he has the chance to be good enough for Santa’s Nice List! 🙂

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