The Fastest Mrs Claus in Largs!

Ok, it’s official: I am the fastest Mrs Claus in Largs. Well, for today anyway! I took part in the Rotary Santa Dash this morning and was the first female home in the 4 mile route. It was a lovely friendly fun run and a few hardy Santas made it out in the wet conditions.

securedownload (5)

And we’re off!securedownload (4)securedownload (3)securedownload (2)


Most of the run was just like a typical Sunday as I was on my own for most of it, but you can’t beat a “Well done, Mummy Santa!” as you cross the finish line.



A good fun run and Scott really enjoyed seeing all the Santas!

Yesterday,we had Mini Kickers and Gymnastics as usual.


The big swing was a hit, though Scott kept shouting up to me in the viewing gallery to tell me there was a Christmas tree up there!SAM_4811 SAM_4812


It is my Gran’s 88th birthday tomorrow. She is an accomplished pianist so I decided to make her this fun cake.



A version appears in my “birthday cake” book so I just copied that. It is just a basic Victoria sponge covered in chocolate buttercream. The white keys are white chocolate and the black keys are liquorice. A wafer holds the sheet music! I also covered the piano stool with green ready roll icing. Fortunately this was not quite as epic as the Game of Thrones cake to make! I reckon that will be it baking wise till the Christmas baking begins. Can’t believe that Monday has come round so quickly. 😦

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