Game of Thrones Iron Throne Cake

Billy and I have loved watching the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones together recently so I really wanted to make him a Game of Thrones inspired birthday cake. I briefly considered something bloody like chopped off heads but when I looked on-line and saw some of the Iron Throne cakes there could only be one winner! The premise seemed fairly straightforward – make 3 square cakes, sandwich 2 of them, cut the arms and back of chair from third cake and stick on. I decided to make a red velvet cake – it is a nice moist cake and the blood red colour seemed appropriate. I used three 8×8 square tins and used cream cheese frosting to smear on the cake.

SAM_4785     SAM_4786

All went well till I tried to put on the arms and back of chair to the second cake. Major slippage issues! I stupidly did not level off my cakes which may explain the fact that they would not sit. I then had the bright idea of sticking a skewer through the chair back to hold in place. Not such a good idea as it was soon crumbling apart. I then hastily prepared the ready roll icing to cover my collapsing throne. The black food colouring was having no impact on the white icing so I luckily found I had some black ready roll in the cupboard which I combined with the white to make a greyish colour. I rolled this out and slapped it over the throne. I thought at this stage that the game may be up – it was a mess! Fortunately another layer of ready roll salvaged it. I then rolled a third layer to cut out the sword shapes to drape over the arms, back and seat of the chair. I did this in 4 separate sections – each arm, seat and back. This really helped to make the throne take shape.

The next part was making the swords to stick out the back of the throne. This was quite fun. I covered skewers with the coloured icing in various shapes and sizes and arranged them around the back of the throne. The next step really makes the cake –  edible silver shimmer spray! This really makes the cake look amazing!


I had run out of counter space by this time – hence the floor!


I was astounded about how much ready roll icing I used – 1.5 kilos! I will always make note to self to buy much more icing than I think I will need. Also, to try and buy ready coloured icing wherever possible. Total cake making time was 4.5 hours. As always I wish I had taken a bit more time to be neater, but tiredness sets in. The stability of the cake was not long lasting. Overnight  a bit of the back slipped down under the weight of some swords, but I got my photos in early and Billy got to see the “perfect” edition so I am pleased. 🙂

This is what it looks like inside:

SAM_4794 SAM_4793

Scott kept picking away at the ends of the swords tonight so the remains of the cake are safely stored. This is my first “geek cake” Will there be more over the years?

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