Legs in baskets, fingers on lips…..

On Wednesday morning when I was sitting on the carpet colouring in with Scott he suddenly declared: “Legs in baskets, fingers on lips!” This is apparently a nursery instruction when it is time to “calm down” and involves sitting cross-legged on the floor in silence. It is so funny getting more of an insight into Scott’s time at nursery. For so long he went and obviously couldn’t really communicate too much about how he had spent his day, but now we get all sorts of details! For example, he is so chuffed if he gets to be a “snack helper” as this involves wearing a medal while helping out. He also talks a lot about the other kids and at the moment he is full of Christmas songs. I don’t think he has a clue what he is singing about as some of his interpretations of the words are hilarious. My favourite though is when he just bursts into the “Bethlehem, Bethlehem” bit of Little Donkey!

Yesterday we had our long anticipated trip to the Singing Kettle Christmas Wishing Well show. We had fun decorating Scott’s bucket for the Wishing Well.


He was mega excited to go and has been asking for weeks how long it was till we went:


It was great fun as usual. Scott got a poster which features the stage set. Part of the show referred to the cast living in a little house in the “village”. Scott is now convinced that Gary, Kevin and Anya are living in the wee house next to the baker’s shop (the one with the light on!)- presumably in the Magnum! Oh to have such a belief in magical things again!


This may be a favourite picture of me with Scott:


Good catch here:


We also managed some groupie photos with Kevin:


And Scott’s absolute favourite… Anya! We were playing at being the Singing Kettle People when we came home last night and Scott had to be Anya. Just like he always gets to be Captain Hook and I am left with Mr Smee!


3 Kettle shows in 6 months – not bad going. I am going to keep going as long as Scott lets us. The wholesome simple entertainment of custard pies in the face, waving a Santa hat in the air and slapping the bottom of a bucket to the time of “Wishing Well, Wishing Well” cannot be beaten and I understand that this time goes fast.

By the time we got into the car Scott was exhausted. By that time he had been to Mini Kickers, gymnastics and the Singing Kettle Show.

A bit of cheating here, me thinks!SAM_4746



Today we went to Kelburn for the Christmas open day. We had lots of lovely winter sunshine and a nice walk through the estate .




This obviously had to be traded off for some time playing in the fort:







We have also been playing loads of games this weekend. We have just finished a particularly boisterous game of Pop Up Pirate which resulted in Scott threatening us with walking the plank, getting tied up with a rope, getting put in a net amongst other things! However, I am convinced that Billy has discovered a fix of some sort as he won about 7 games in a row!

Scott came up with this game himself. It is called Carpark (TM). The pirate comes up and knocks all the cars down!



In Christmas castle update, Scott is getting the idea a bit now about Santa bringing presents and so we asked this week what he thought Santa could bring him. His reply: “Maybe some Lego.” Oh well, better luck next week! 🙂

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