Quickly – before it melts!

On Saturday morning I was upstairs getting dressed when Scott appeared and told me to come down and see all the cars that he lined up on his garage. To convey a sense of urgency he told me to “Come quickly, before it melts!”


A sense of pride was clearly evident. Any guessers for the TV show this week?

We finished our Saturday off with a trip to the burn. This is the least I have had to carry him on a burn trip – only for a bit on the way back. It was a fine day for it, though I did keep getting showered with leaves:




SAM_4727Looks a bit like gathering firewood!

We spent a fair bit of time throwing stones at crocodiles in the swamp and then Captain  Hook kept chasing us.


We wouldn’t let that old codfish get us down though!SAM_4730

We had a game of hide and seek on the way home:


We started our trip to Kelvingrove today with some more hiding. This one was hilarious as Billy genuinely couldn’t see where Scott had gone!


The ladders for the slide were very slippy today so Scott only had one go, assisted by Daddy.


I keep spotting lovely trees at the moment with all the Autumnal colours. I pass a particularly lovely red leaved one on my running route. I liked this view too with my Alma Mater:


We also took a trip to the Art Gallery and Museum and seemed to keep coming back to the dinosaur exhibition. The dinosaurs roared and moved their heads and Scott was quite entranced:


Scott and Billy are currently crawling around the living room with cars in the middle of one of Scott’s elaborate games that involve going to the softplay, out for lunch to Glasgow for burgers and occasionally being bad and getting no sweeties. Scott is also going about telling us to do things “Right this minute!” Nothing like getting your own patter thrown back at you! He plays some brilliant games in his bath at the moment. The other night I sat and watched as he placed his cloth on the taps saying “I am putting this towel on the heater to make it nice and toastie for you, Pilot” (Diver and Pilot are Scott’s favourite toys ever!) He then proceeded to wrap the Pilot in the cloth and carry him gently over to get some cream and his jammies on!

I had my first experience this week of going to a Parents Night for Scott at nursery. It certainly feels different being at the other side of the desk! It is really quite nerve racking wondering what you will be told and having so many hopes and dreams which you don’t want to be dashed. There were not really any surprises for us this time in terms of what Scott is like: He loves to run and chase about with his friends and doesn’t like to tell anyone if he hurts himself!

Singing Kettle Christmas Wishing Well countdown is officially on. Scott keeps asking me how long it is to go – just 1 week now! He has also been asking me to sing Christmas songs to him all week. He has started singing some at nursery so frequently breaks into “Little Donkey” or “We wish you a Merry Christmas.” He did put me in my place though when I tried a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Last Christmas”. “Don’t sing that one, Mummy. That’s a girl’s song. Sing a boy’s song instead!” 🙂

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