Things to do with green icing

“I don’t like cricket, I love it.” cake for my Dad’s birthday:



I know, I know, a bit of a one trick pony with the green icing and dyed coconut for grass, but maybe I can call it a Dolina Signature item! It is a basic Victoria sandwich with jam to join the two halves, topped with buttercream icing (dyed green) and chocolate fingers for the fence. I reserved a small piece of buttercream and mixed that with melted chocolate to make the crease . The wickets are chopped skewers “glued” together with liquid glucose, and the bat is a shaped lolly stick attached to a bit of skewer. The ball is just a small red boiled sweet. Some of the “fence posts” are a bit darker as I ran out and then the shop only had the dark chocolate ones left! Relatively quick and easy to make it and I am quite pleased with it!

I went a bit overboard when I was making the green icing and ended up with a fair bit left over. What to do with lots of green icing? Monster cupcakes!


I had fun getting creative with some sweets to decorate these! Liquorice Allsorts are fantastic for decorations and marshmallows also work well. The great things is, you can really do whatever you choose. Now to keep Scott from picking off all the sweets! 🙂

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