Aunt Polly and Science

I had the luxury of a two day weekend this week as Billy was off yesterday. It was nice to take our time in the morning and potter about a bit before we headed off for a trip to the sofplay at Gambados. I managed to get two good runs in over the weekend in almost perfect running conditions. My knee was a bit sore today after the crawling through tunnels at softplay. Scott is still desperate for someone to play with at softplay and Billy has the excuse of being too big! Any knee pain always causes a wee bit of anxiety as I am not too sure quite what state my ACL reconstructed knee is in. I just count my blessings that I can still run and fingers crossed it was only a bit of tunnel crawling pain I experienced today. I had a wee running partner to put me through my paces for the first bit of my run today:

securedownload (1)          securedownload


We took Scott for his first visit to the Glasgow Science Centre today and he had a great time. He was a bit young to fully appreciate a lot of what was happening but he saw a water show which featured pee and poo and he loved playing with the bricks.



SAM_4696 SAM_4695


“They’ve got these at the softplay,” remarked Scott!

Firing a beach ball:SAM_4692



Loved the waterplay:SAM_4699


The incredible floating heads – no secrets revealed here!



SAM_4702Couldn’t quite get Scott to pull this one off!

Child labour on the hamster wheel: SAM_4703


Billy and I also had fun competing with the cycling, highest jumping, softest jumping etc!

My baking week featured Empire Biscuits. Still love them and all made within an hour – Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Paul Hollywood!

SAM_4690 SAM_4689


This week Scott has been getting into more Disney classics. I started Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn with him one morning and Bill was successfully able to resume his viewing when he came in from nursery on account of Scott’s description: “It’s got boys and they run away and they go on a boat on the river and the boat sinks and they go in a cave and the mum died.” Billy wasn’t getting it until…..”He lives with his Aunt Polly.” Bingo! He also enjoyed the Lion, the Witch and the Wardbrobe though he can’t get why the witch wears “different clothes” – i.e. not a black cloak. He has also discovered that Captain Hook looks “a bit like Grandpa” when his wig falls off! All this week Scott has also been questioning whether I have been tampering with his food by asking me “Have you poisoned that cheese?” Or, “Did you put poison in my breakfast?” We are guessing that it comes from Snow White and the apple poisoning incident! Anyways, I know that this boy is going to get me into bother one of these days! 🙂



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