Hooked on pirates

I made a Lego Brick cake for my brother’s birthday this week on account of the fact that Scott is always hassling him to play with bricks whenever he visits. Again, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I would have been better to bake the cake in two separate tins and sandwiching them with jam and buttercream, rather than making one cake. It meant that it took longer than normal to bake through (as a rather large cake in a loaf tin) and I had to cover it to prevent burning on the top. It would also have tasted nicer! I used marshmallows to create the lego dents and covered with yellow ready roll icing. More time could have made it a bit neater, but it turned out ok!

SAM_4671 SAM_4670

On Friday morning I had to deal with tears at breakfast as Swiss Family Robinson is no longer on our “On Demand”! Not too easy to explain to a distraught little boy, but I managed to by him off with Hook and then Davy Crocket and the River Pirates. Funnily enough, both of these films featured in our “Recommended for You” category! Scott and I had a Hook colour off and Scott was very clear about which was the winning entry:

SAM_4679 SAM_4677

“Mine is much more colourful” declared ole pickle face!

This week, Scott has discovered “That’s a lie!” He is using it to record his indignation at, amongst other things, any reports of his bad behaviour. He also ran up the stairs this morning and shouted at Billy, “Not so fast you old codfish!” This was in reference to a race they were having (Billy to have a shower or Scott to finish his porridge.) We seem to live our life with races to get Scott to get things done! He also frequently tells us to “Say our prayers” as impending walk the planks loom. Who knew Peter Pan could be so brutal?! Both quotes appear in his Peter Pan book and have become favourites.

Today was a Glasgow day as we had some shopping today. We took  a trip to Glasgow Green to give Scott a bit of a run around. I realised at 3 o’clock that we would need to hurry to get to the Green before it got too dark. That’s why this time of year can be such a drag.

SAM_4681 SAM_4680

My castle for Christmas propaganda campaign still isn’t working. We visited the toy department in John Lewis today and he is still all for any item featuring a slide! 6 weeks to turn things around! 🙂

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