Back to basics

I have found that I notice and enjoy the various festivals and events so much more with Scott and appreciate them in a way that I haven’t since childhood. This week we got to send Scott off to nursery as Jack and the Beanstalk. This was the culmination of a fair bit of work on our part sourcing the various pieces of his costume and getting it all together.

SAM_4559 SAM_4568

These photos also represent a bit of a “before” and “after” shot as Scott had a haircut this week! I can’t say that I am used to it yet and am still in grieving at the loss of my baby boy’s curls. I got quite a fright when I came home to see his new appearance. I think it is another one of those things that makes me realise my boy is growing up and sure makes him look a right wee boy now!

I haven’t quite taken a week off baking this week, but have enjoyed keeping it simple after the complicated Bake Off bakes. I made some fun spooky cup cakes using some shop bought cake toppers and some ghost sweets. I did employ one Bake Off technique, melting some chocolate to line a baking case and then setting and peeling off. I think these cakes were a bit big though to get the proper effect.

SAM_4572 SAM_4575 SAM_4580

Yesterday evening I had the most relaxing Friday I have had for ages. Scott and I sat together for a full 2 hours and watched Swiss Family Robinson. He absolutely loved it! It has all the key ingredients in it – shipwreck, pirates, sharks, tigers, swinging on ropes into the water. It was very much an interactive experience for Scott. He sat with his sword (the hoover attachment – one of his favourite toys!) throughout the film and thrust the sword at the telly at moments of danger.


We watched again this morning!SAM_4588

We had a busy Saturday at Mini Kickers, gymnastics and then Callum’s birthday party. The gymnastics instructor did a great job keeping a Halloween theme going with the kids. They were dancing round a witch’s cauldron here:


And pretending to be witches on broomsticks, pumpkins and dancing princesses:


Talking of enjoying seasons and festivals, I saw these Bonfire cupcakes and just had to make them:

SAM_4627 SAM_4636

They were lovely and straightforward! Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (red gel ink dye), some orange sprinkles and Matchmakers for the wood. Once baked, the cupcakes are removed from the cases, turned upside down then smeared with the frosting. All intended to look like a pyre. Very pleased with their simple effectiveness. Billy pointed out that it is a bit crazy to be making all these cakes when they can’t get eaten, but I do get satisfaction in seeing cakes that look cool.

Scott fell asleep with the promise of Swiss Family Robinson in the morning. No extravagant 3D productions required yet for this boy. Back to basics all round. 🙂

Sorry, had to be done!SAM_4639

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