Kids say the funniest things

Scott has started repeating things that he has heard us saying. This morning he said to me, “Mummy, get me a packet of Quavers. I’m not arguing with you.” The whole “do it now, I’m not arguing with you” strain is obviously having an impact! The other day, when I told him I was going for a shower he said, “Have a good wash, you’re quite grubby today.” He also told me yesterday that I needed to hold his hand in the park “because it’s very busy in here and I don’t want you getting lost.”

We were actually very fortunate to manage some time in the park yesterday, as the weather has been rotten most of the weekend again. We had a quick 45 minutes at Eggy Park after Mini Kickers to burn off some indoor cabin fever.


Not too sure what this face means: SAM_4529



SAM_4537 SAM_4538 SAM_4539 SAM_4541 SAM_4542 SAM_4545

I already feel the dread of lack of outdoor action that the darkness and wildness of winter beckons. Got to make the most of any out and about opportunities. There was no window for getting outside today. Scott is loving building at the moment and spends hours at his bricks. I wish I had taken a picture of the bird he made yesterday. It looked great and had claws and everything! He was rather proud of this tower, though!

SAM_4548This is his standard smiling for the camera pose at the moment!

He is describing his construction technique here. No prizes for guessing what is on the TV!


Given the rubbishy weather we decided on a trip to Silverburn for a wander round the shops and some lunch. One of the good things about the restaurants at Silverburn is that they are right next to the water fountains and the bouncy castle. Scott had a shot while we were waiting for our food to arrive.

SAM_4551I think Scott maybe spotted me in the distance when I took this picture. Billy thinks he is looking at him!


In the toy shop, I tried to give Scott some gentle steers towards the castles. I think a medieval castle would be so cool to play with so I am trying to plant seeds for Christmas! Scott was not picking up my gentle hints and was far more interested in squidgy balls and of course any gun related item was “Awesome”. He is also drawn to any toy that involves any sort of slide or park object. A Peppa Pig helter skelter toy drew him in and he said “I think I might buy this.” He’ll need to get saving up those pennies!

As I was typing up this blog I was drinking a cup of tea. “Careful you don’t burn yourself, Mummy. Blow it first!” Scott declared. Good to know he is looking out for his old mum already! šŸ™‚

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