The End (Never Again)

At the risk of sounding like Steve Redgrave after he had won gold in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with his “shoot me if you see me in a boat again”, please slap me with a wooden spoon if you see me attempting a Bake Off bake again! It is finally over and relief is the main emotion. I have spoiled this series of the GBBO for myself by setting myself this impossible weekly challenge. Instead of enjoying the programmes, I have been anxiously calculating what I would be able to bake.

I fully support this year’s choice of winner as I think Frances merited the prize with her fantastic flair and ingenuity. However, I never want to touch any of ever recipes  again- ever!

As the picnic pies and pretzels sailed by in the final show, the dread started bubbling in my stomach as I new that a showstopper extravaganza awaited. The cakes were the only thing that I could contemplate making, but the three tiered wedding cakes were just not going to happen, so I decided to choose one of the tiers to bake. Unfortunately Ruby’s effort (which looked most do-able) was not available recipe wise so I was left with Kimberley’s or Frances’. Narrowing down of ingredient and equipment requirements, swung the scales in favour of Frances and it was another lemony creation. I.e. more Limoncello usage! The actual bake went well, but the slight sloping proved to be fatal when it came to the icing stage.



The cake is sandwiched with a cream cheese frosting which I always love. The downfall was the French Lemon Buttercream Icing which just didn’t work. I don’t know if I got the temperatures wrong when adding the lemon syrup, or whisked too much or too little but the consistency was all wrong and it had to be rescued from its curdling state. It then became like the magic porridge pot as the icing oozed down the sides and off the edge of the cake stand. I salvaged it the best as I could, but the end result was not as pretty as I had hoped.


Nothing more for it but to cut in:

SAM_4524 SAM_4520


Definitely not planning any wedding cake commissions and next year I fully intend to watch and enjoy the Bake Off in a much less participatory way. Over and out 🙂


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