Indoor pursuits

The weather has been awful the last few days and I am fed up! I hate not being able to get out and about. We have been doing A LOT of softplaying and swimming. I took Scott to Kidsplay in Prestwick on Wednesday and we all went to Funworld on Friday and the Big Adventure today. I have had my fill of softplays! Scott is at a bit of an in-between stage where he doesn’t much like going off by himself. At Funworld, adults are allowed, so I spent most of the time chasing about with him. At the other two softplays he had to go off himself and he didn’t do great on Wednesday. He kept coming back to me and lingering about. He really wants someone to play with. Today, he teamed up with another wee boy at the Big Adventure and had a whale of a time haring about the place. It was really nice seeing him interacting so well with other kids.

At Kidsplay:

SAM_4474 SAM_4471

SAM_4475 SAM_4476 SAM_4477

We have been swimming a couple of times too and went to the Waterfront in Greenock yesterday. I didn’t figure that the camera would get so steamed up in the changing room!

SAM_4492 SAM_4498

Scott has also been discovering some of the old classics in the films. Yesterday we watched  (in parts, dipping in and out!) Mary Poppins and Treasure Island.

SAM_4500As the mess suggests, there has also been some construction time happening.

However, we have been looking out the window forlornly hoping for the rain to stop.


Back to work tomorrow and as usual didn’t get half the things done that I’d hoped. Long haul to Christmas holidays with busy time at work coming up.  😦 I need to find myself another challenge a la Great Scottish Run to invigorate myself again.

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