The heating is on, less time spent outdoors and more time on indoor pursuits. In the last week or so, Scott has developed a love for painting and wants to do it all the time. His nursery teachers have remarked too that he is spending more time at the colouring table. It is bizarre to see him sitting still for up to an hour painting away. Just as well that the new kitchen is not on the horizon as our kitchen is well and truly covered with our masterpieces. The old kitchen status does have its upsides in that I am far less precious about him painting in it. Fortunately, the mess isn’t too bad to clean up. I suggested to Scott the other day that Daddy might want to do some painting with him some time. He looked at me as if I was daft and said “But Daddy doesn’t have an apron.” Maybe something I will need to remedy!

SAM_4350 SAM_4353


Today has been a glorious Autumnal day and we headed to Barshaw Park in Paisley and took in the fabulous colours of the season. Scott had a ball running around in the leaves and among the big grassy spaces. He also discovered conkers for the first time and has come home with his pockets full.



Hide and seek was a lot of fun:



And this was brilliant!:

SAM_4365 SAM_4367


SAM_4379 SAM_4378 SAM_4374



However, we have a horrible feeling that we are going to get wet leaves thrown in our direction sometime soon!

The park looked great today:

SAM_4362 SAM_4363




We finished our day with some Autumnal inspired art:

SAM_4381 SAM_4385

Maybe it’s not such a bad season after all 🙂



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