All puffed out – by Eccles Cakes

I have to apologise this weekend in terms of my baking efforts. How can you follow the “little nuns”, cream horns and Milles-feuilles? I really do fancy making some of these, and they are on my list, but time constraints ruled that I had to keep it a bit simpler. (I am still trying to learn from my Petit Fours sweat shop experience.) I can only imagine the clock ticking away at 2 am as I attempt to stack my “little nuns” jenga style. Excuses, excuses, I know and I do feel a bit of a cop out this week, but really making puff pastry was quite a trial in itself.

This was my first time at “puff pastry” making and I would like to say that it was fun, but for me it was quite an arduous experience that began on Thursday morning and did not end till Thursday evening. I had so little faith in my pastry chances that I even purchased some ready roll….just in case…There is an awful lot of folding, wrapping in cling film, waiting, putting in fridge, folding again, chilling, cold bowl and flour, more rolling and folding and then 10 hours in fridge. The good news is… ready roll is still in fridge!

The filling for GBBO Christine’s Eccles Cakes is really simple: just brown sugar, currants, orange zest and butter. The mix is spread over the pastry discs (which I had to squash out to make a bit bigger when I realised how much mixture was to go in each one) and then the pastry discs folded over. I obviously didn’t do this part very effectively, as I had quite a bit of leakage in the oven. This led to a few broken casualites

The end results:

SAM_4224 SAM_4212


Very tasty nice and warm with some ice cream (serving suggestion!)



What can I say, I am now officially a quarter finalist – 3 weeks to go! 🙂

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