Tall tales and Tall Ship

Scott has started to tell porkies. At the moment this is fairly funny as the things he is lying about are so ridiculous. E.g. yesterday he came running into the kitchen, “Mummy, the telly’s stopped.” I went through to see that the channel had been changed – i.e. he must have pressed the remote control. “It wasn’t me.” Scott said! Or, there is a bit of chocolate smeared onto the couch. “You’ve dropped a piece of your ice lolly, Scott.” “It wasn’t me. It must have been Daddy.” As amusing as it is, not something that is to be encouraged.

Scott had a bit of a naughty day with me yesterday and had me a bit ragged. He got up way too early and I think tiredness played a part most of the day. He wasn’t great at Mini Kickers or Mini Movers and it isn’t easy to shout down from the gallery to get him to co-operate at the gymnastics. One funny discovery is that he thinks the fantastic girl who does the coaching is called Casper. Her name is Catherine!



SAM_4140 SAM_4143

He does really enjoy the gymnastics, even as the only boy in the class, but the instructor must have the patience of a saint!

We paid a short visit to the fun day at Douglas Park yesterday as well. I don’t think Scott is going to be a fan of the pipes. We stopped as this parade went past:


And he was soon covering his ears in complaint:


He was more interested in wondering the wooded area and muttering away about his current favourite story – Beauty and the Beast. “I gave you food and shelter and this is how you repay me? You’ll pay with your life!”


“A daughter? You must return in a week. Bring your daughter to me.” Then as Beauty meets the Beast: “You have courage.” It is so cool listening to him reciting his stories word for word. Unfortunately he has a bit of a penchant for the more grisly aspects of stories so can often be heard muttering about “Fall down and die.” I have many issues with the traditional fairy stories in terms of some of the attitudes that prevail!

Today started with some play dough fun. Scott is very interested in words. I made his name for him and he sculpted a blob which he said says “Mummy.” (More lies?!)


This afternoon we took our little swashbuckler to the Riverside Museum and Tall Ship. No skull and crossbones could be seen flying, but it is a great place for kids nevertheless. We started with the obligatory clamber on the giant furniture:

SAM_4154 SAM_4156

We then had great fun exploring the ship.

Ahoy me hearties!SAM_4159

Sadly I fear that “foghorn” may be a term that Scott becomes familiar with over the years….


We all had a shot at scrubbing the decks:

SAM_4163 SAM_4191

SAM_4169  SAM_4184 Climbing the rig and passing up some rice sacks.

Steering the ship:


It was really interesting exploring the ship’s living quarters. Scott wasn’t too impressed with the sleeping facilities:


But I think he might have given the captain’s bath a go:


We had a quick walk through the transport museum as well. Billy was not daft. I ended up crushed into this sidecar!


Whereas he took the bike:


Scott really wanted to get up and join the skaters:

SAM_4206  SAM_4207And was raging when we wouldn’t let him climb up!

Next bit is pretty cool. 1st picture is Scott beside the Imp in October 2011:


Contrast with 2013:

SAM_4205 SAM_4204

And together:

309772_10150416186426757_160513345_n    SAM_4204

Hopefully we can build up an album over the years.

Scott fell asleep on the way home and really did not want to waken up. He fell asleep almost instantly again and sat like this:


Now for a bit of self indulgence. I did my longest post Scott run today – just over 10 miles. This has given me a wee bit of confidence ahead of next Sunday’s Great Scottish Run (Half Marathon). This running mum is a wee bit anxious. Training has perhaps not been all that it could, but I still hope I can do myself proud on the day. I am not collecting sponsors, but would be very grateful if you would consider donating to the Disaster’s Emergency Committee Syria Appeal. I am sure, like me, you have been moved by the appalling images of refugees in terrible conditions. I was nearly greeting at the appeal I saw last week with James Nesbitt asking for £3 for kids to get a bucket for clean water. If you can spare it, please donate. Over and out!


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