Are you lost, Mummy?

After a few trips over the summer where I got a wee bit lost on our journey, Scott has lost all his faith in my navigation abilities. At only 3 years, he already knows me well and frequently asks, “Are you lost, mummy?” If it is a place he has been to before, he often offers to show me which way to go. He did this on Friday when I took him swimming at the Magnum! Fortunately, I did not get lost on this trip, but he guided me up the ramp into the centre and directed me down the stairs just in case! Before we left, I caught him shouting out the window “Thanks for cutting my grass!” I looked out and sure enough the grass in front of our house was getting cut. He sounded like the lord of the manor in his country estate, though!

SAM_4021   SAM_4023

Saturday was a very busy day. We had Mini Kickers then Mini Movers. Scott is really enjoying his gymnastics and it is so fun to watch the wee ones. It still feels quite strange to watch him from up on the balcony, but I am fascinated watching him interacting with the other kids and the teacher. He always gives me the occasional wave and shouts up to tell me what he is doing: “I’m climbing up some ladders, mummy!”

Warming up:SAM_4030

Hand and feet walking:


SAM_4034Hands up high….

Hands down low. Tuck your head in… and over you go!SAM_4035


Learning balancing techniques. This is exactly how he walks the plank!SAM_4037

This bit of apparatus is hilarious. Scott starts at the other end of the hall for his run up. By the time he gets there he is exhausted and clambers up!SAM_4039

After Mini Movers I gave Scott a quick change into his party clothes (while he gave a running commentary to everyone about his plans for the day) and headed to Rose’s 3rd birthday party. Scott had a fantastic time and was super hyper to see so many of his nursery friends.

Scott and Kai ran a little wild:SAM_4041

Always involved:SAM_4057

Gangnam Style toddler style is so cute!SAM_4064SAM_4065

Balloons featured heavily:SAM_4066

Scott really wants to know how to do this trick:SAM_4067

And was very chuffed to get a go:SAM_4070SAM_4069SAM_4072 A lovely party with lovely people and great entertainment. We are very grateful to be invited to such fun days. I was so sure that Scott would crash and burn after such a busy day, but he managed to last through. I have been tired all day today after a busy day and late night. The 10 to 7 wake up call this morning didn’t help. That boy will always out last me!

I lacked the get up and go a bit today so had a rather ploddy run. (Eek – 2 weeks to go till Glasgow half.) It started off a bit miserable weather wise today so we decided on a swimming trip to Onyx in Linwood. By the time we reached the swimming pool, it was sunny though. Scott feel asleep on the way so I got a bit of  respite while he caught up on some zeds. There was obviously a pirate party going on inside so Scott would have been gutted to know so many pirates passed by our car! It is a lovely new, clean and fresh facility at Linwood and it was good to see the centre so busy. Scott enjoyed the different pool environment and had a few shots on one of the flumes.

The park is right outside the centre so there was no escape!

SAM_4082      SAM_4083 SAM_4084        SAM_4087 SAM_4090    SAM_4091


“Jaded” is my word of the day. Oh well, sure it will be a restful day tomorrow…..yeah right. 🙂


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