I pie a dog’s breakfast

Pie week this week on the Great British Bake Off and I am starting to think that I maybe don’t like baking so much after all. I think I maybe just like cakes. Pies have never turned out too well for me and tonight was no exception. I attempted Christine’s Apple, Plum and Cinnamon Country Pie. It sounds lovely, but alarm bells  should have started ringing when Christine received the dreaded “Soggy bottom” critique.

Another week, more baking equipment purchased. This week was baking beans, a pie dish and a food processor. The food processor I have been coveting for a while as I have a few recipes that call for it but I usually just muddle by without it.  The hassle that ensued setting it up and cleaning it may mean that it is not a regular feature, however. The blades are also deadly sharp and send me into a bit of a panic!

The fruit making for this pie was great and I would happily eat the fruit in its delicious syrup without any pastry. The fruit is cooked with brown sugar, all spice, cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg. This is the first I have used all spice and I will definitely be using it again. That along with the nutmeg is so aromatic and tastes great. The pastry making is where the problem sets in. I cannot get it to roll out and then lift to fit in the pie dish without breaking and crumbling everywhere. I only know that this does not happen t me with Ready Roll stuff! I always follow the instructions of chilling the pastry, leaving  it to lie etc. but it never seems to work. In the end the pastry was starting to dry up so I had to cheat and roll it between baking parchment and slide the pastry lid on. I also had to do a bit of patching it up so I didn’t hold out much hope.

The end result certainly isn’t pretty to the eye ( A dog’s breakfast, Paul Hollywood?), but the taste is actually very good. I had a warm slice and was very pleasantly surprised at the delicious flavours. And one other thing – NO SOGGY BOTTOM! The base was nice and firm, but the juices are leaking away merrily so that won’t last.

SAM_3963 SAM_3964 SAM_3969 SAM_3972 SAM_3975

Next week’s aim – To not have to buy any equipment or ingredients. We’ll see how that turns out…..

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