Superheroes, Vikings and Cowboys

On Saturday we attempted to go to the MCM Comic Convention at the SECC. Billy goes to comic cons every now and then, but this was a first for me and for Scott.  Scott had been at Mini-Kickers in the morning so he fell asleep on the way. He was already in costume by this stage.


Unfortunately the organisers seemed to vastly under estimate the popularity of the event and we sadly had to turn away after realising we could be queuing for two and a half hours. We were also getting rather wet in the heavy showers.

Where can a superhero go when he’s all dressed up with nowhere to go? Billy had the good idea of heading to Geek Retreat in the city centre. It is a comic themed cafe with board games and comics to read in store or buy.

SAM_3898 SAM_3897


Scott also met and fell in love with a mini Rapunzel – a wee girl dressed up as the Disney Rapunzel from Tangled. Not a total bust then!

This weekend was the climax of the Viking Festival so we headed down for the Viking skirmish and fireworks at the Pencil. The re-enactment of the clash between Alexander’s Scottish army and Eric’s Viking army was surprisingly good and Scott had the best seat in the house.



He was rather enraptured with the sword fighting and skirmishing.

SAM_3908 SAM_3913 SAM_3911


I thought it was fascinating too. I am trying to persuade Billy that we could get into going to these as a family. He is more sold on the travelling round the country to go to comic cons idea!

SAM_3920           SAM_3910     SAM_3904


Funnily, Scott was not too impressed by fireworks, or else he was just too tired by this stage.



It started to get a bit wet out so we headed back to the car as the fireworks were going.

Today was another long anticipated Singing Kettle trip. It was the Wild West Party so any excuse to dress up:


Posing with the Kettle:

SAM_3939 SAM_3938 SAM_3937

Dancing in the aisles:


Loving the pre-show giant balloons:


SAM_3950Intermission strawberries

The Singing Kettle’s Anya may also have stolen Scott’s hear. He shouted so avidly to stop the snake from swallowing her up!

Dressing up = good times 🙂

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