Another Mini Adventure

Today was Scott’s first day at Mini Kickers. We were both quite excited, but I think Scott may have been trying to play it cool at first…


(Trying to learn not to shoot into the light – photography 101)



It is a good session for wee ones and I was pleased that there were equal numbers of boys and girls and that the coach was female. Great to see and hopefully the wee girls that were today will grow up to think nothing of it.





After football we came home for a while and Scott had lunch. This slightly early timing may explain why he thought it was tea time at 1 pm! We then headed out to Mini Movers, a pre school gymnastics class. Scott absolutely loved this and I was pleased to see he has retained his forward roll skills from his Gymtots days. The weird thing for me was that parents are sent to sit in the gallery to watch. This is a first for me as I always shadow him in everything. He coped well though – apart from keeping trying to wave to me at the same time as walking on a beam!

Scott completed his football education for the day at Largs Thistle. I had a run then picked Scott up at the end of the first half. It is Viking Festival time so we went into town to see what was happening. It was kind off uncomfortable trying to get through with the pram and it was too busy to let Scott out to walk so we didn’t hang around for long. He had a shot on a bouncy inflatable, but trying to explain that he was only allowed five shots for his £2 stake wasn’t easy!

SAM_3827 SAM_3830 SAM_3829



In the end he was happy to play on the beach where there are no limits to the number of stone throws.


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