Pirates have to queue too

We have enjoyed a busy weekend. On Friday evening we took Scott down town to cycle along the prom. He can get a bit of a speed going with this half turn pedal.



We then had a treat in Nardinis. Serious ice cream eating faces here:SAM_3718


A very sour lemon game:

SAM_3723    SAM_3721


Saturday was lovely weather and Billy was off so we took a trip to the zoo. Penguins are the best!

SAM_3749 SAM_3754 SAM_3759 SAM_3760


The Penguin Parade is such a cool thing that Edinburgh Zoo does and we were able to get really close. Scott was waving:



There are some issues with removing Scott from the various parks and trees to go and see some animals. Our own little monkey loves climbing around.

SAM_3773             SAM_3771 SAM_3770       SAM_3768


SAM_3779              SAM_3778


Scott can now do the Fireman’s Pole unaided. He has been doing them all weekend since!

SAM_3763          SAM_3750


Billy made the foolish mistake of having a nap at the park…..

SAM_3774     SAM_3780

The Zebra Crew hanging out:




SAM_3782    SAM_3786


Flying on the wings of a bird – a zoo tradition:













SAM_3743Bird watching

Official Calypo break:SAM_3752




SAM_3742Squirrel monkey in the walk-through

Scott had his first cinema trip today with Billy to see Monsters University. They were the only two in the theatre so it allowed S some freedom to move about and talk during the film. Maybe a wee while till we take him to a busier showing. At over £6 for a kid’s ticket it certainly won’t be an every week outing!

Afterwards we made the most of the sunshine at Kelvingrove Park. We are trying out best to teach Scott about queueing, but he doesn’t always quite get it! We watched some hilarious exchanges between him and the other kids as he was given rows for skipping the queue.


The pay-off:



Scott also did some pirating around, peering through these binoculars:


And then he was pretending to walk the plank:



An unexpected sunny weekend at the end of the summer.




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