Angel Food Cake

I hope to be able to recreate a bake each week from the new series of the Great British Bake Off. This may prove difficult as the bakes become more challenging as the competition progresses, but I am hoping that if I am selective there will be something I can try! This week, I thought about doing the Courting Cake as I loved the story behind it of the old courting rituals. (I may well try this at a later stage.) Sandwich cakes are probably my favourite type of cakes to make so I seriously considered one of those and again may well return when the book comes out. The Secret Squirrel cake looks way too complicated and I do find working with chocolate tricky, so I decided to go with the Technical Challenge – Angel Food Cake.

This is the first time I have baked a cake with 10, yes TEN, egg whites in it. The idea is to make the lightest cake imaginable – angel light as the Great Berry put it. Mary’s theme with the Angel cake this time is to drizzle the cake with lemon curd and passion fruit after covering with whipped cream. This has the benefit of using up the egg yolks by making a lemon curd. (I decided to make some custard too as I still had some yolks left over.)

I had a bit of an epic struggle sourcing cream of tartar and had to assure the assistant in Asda who led me to the tartar sauce that it wasn’t what I was looking for. The eggs take lots of whisking – thank goodness for electric –  free-standing when I start making money out of this! Otherwise the bake is fairly straightforward. Not quite straightforward enough for Scott to have his input. He loves cracking eggs and he wanted to join in, but I didn’t much fancy my chances of getting the whites and yolks separated!

After baking, the cake has to rest upside down for an hour before covering in whipped cream and the passion fruit lemon curd. It does indeed taste lovely and light. A decent start, but dum dum dum – bread is next week….My least favourite in the baking world. Mr Hollywood, however, regards it as the mark of a good baker so I may have to give it a try. 🙂

SAM_3735 SAM_3732 SAM_3730

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