Eye patch, pirate hat, Swashbuckle cheer….

Scott loves pirates at the moment. In particular, he really enjoys the Cbeebies show “Swashbuckle”.He likes to join in with the audience cheering and shouting and if Cook, Line or Captain Sinker is made to walk the plank, Scott points at the screen and joins in with “Walk the plank, walk the plank, walk the plank…..” He then cheers with delight when the pirate lands in the green slime. He is still curious about the logistics of “getting there” to be in the audience or to be a contestant. It is quite a difficult concept to explain to a three year old, but he has accepted that the kids on the show are age seven so we can hold him off for another four years!

Scott has wanted to do painting a few times recently so I decided to try some pirate crafts with him. He enjoyed painting the sea for a pirate ship picture and he loved sticking on the “jewels” for the treasure chest. He told me he was going to put lots of jewels on because “Pirates really, really love jewels”. By good fortune, the wee jewels from our craft box look rather like the ones the contestants are aiming to recapture on Swashbuckle. We have been lucky to receive lots of pirate stickers recently too in party bags. Clearly little boys are all mad for pirates!

SAM_3651 SAM_3654



This other one is a pirate handprint – Quite difficult to hold Scott still to paint the various colours onto his hands,  and picture taking was nigh on impossible with all the paint smearing that was going on, but it turned out well after some touching up.

SAM_3703 SAM_3705

I am not ruling out pirate themed baked goods in the near future! Aharrr!


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