A final summer fling

Sadly the summer holidays are drawing to a close so I am trying to make the most of my time with Scott. I decided to take a trip to an old summer holiday haunt from my childhood, Girvan. Like most of these seaside towns, it has definitely seen better days, but the harbour-side park was great fun for Scott. It has hard to believe that a few weeks ago we were in sweltering temperatures. The air had an autumnal feel to it and Scott was quickly persuaded to don not one, but two jackets as he realised his t-shirt wouldn’t be enough in the chilly breeze.

SAM_3545     SAM_3546

There was lots of good climbing to be done and Scott was in his element.



The slides were pretty cool too:

SAM_3551 SAM_3556 SAM_3552


A wet bottom was inevitable though!

There were some good tube slides too:

SAM_3575 SAM_3574 Trouble was, it is a fairly tricky ascent to get to them and I am getting unable to reach to the higher heights that Scott is reaching!

SAM_3558  I am at the bottom in a bit of a helpless state of panic!SAM_3576


Before we set off in the morning, I showed Scott some pics of the park and he had been excited by the boating pond. He was a bit disappointed to discover no boats there today. It was probably for the best as I can’t imagine being able to keep Scott on a boat and peddle at the same time. He did enjoy running over the bridge though.

SAM_3569 SAM_3555 SAM_3554

Scott did let me do some of the work on the swings

He discovered these big ones on holiday this year and has been a fan ever since. He always looks as if he is sleeping in every picture of him on them!SAM_3571



He was also determined to have a wee shot of the assault course:

SAM_3586    SAM_3585 SAM_3583    SAM_3581


A slightly unconventional approach to shopkeeping!


On the buzzy bee:


We went up to the prom for a wee shot on Scott’s bike. He is still not pedalling but enjoys sitting like Lord Muck while I  push him along.


It wasn’t long before he was looking wistfully out to sea:



Before I got the chance to stop him, he ran down the steps onto the beach:

SAM_3594     SAM_3595


I came prepared with Scott’s swimming stuff, but had rejected the idea when we stepped out of the car. Scott, however, was very much up for it so I decided to give in.

SAM_3598This looks a bit like the team support vehicle!

SAM_3599“Last one round Ailsa Craig’s a cissy!”

SAM_3601 SAM_3605 SAM_3611 SAM_3612 It is worth bearing in mind that I had my jacket on throughout all of this. The boy’s a maniac!

SAM_3606“That’s my name.”

Back home, Scott also tried out his new kite today:




What fun days we have had this summer. I am going to miss this boy so much come Thursday. 😦







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