A seagull stole my lunch

We made our first full public appearance in a week today at Ayr Beach Park. What an awesome park this is! (Thank you to Roslyn for the recommendation.) There is so much to do. We were there for 3 hours, but didn’t do it all. Scott had great fun climbing and going down the “tube slides”.

SAM_2518 SAM_2519 SAM_2520 SAM_2521 SAM_2524 SAM_2526 SAM_2527 SAM_2528 SAM_2529 All I can do is stand at the bottom and watch!

There are a few parts to the park and we only managed a few. We also had a go in the “treasure map” section.

SAM_2530       SAM_2531 SAM_2533         SAM_2534

After playing for a while, we sat down for a picnic. Scott was munching away on his sandwich when a seagull swooped down, grabbed the Tupperware container with a sandwich in it and flew off! It dropped the container and then a massive hoard of seagulls appeared to devour the sandwich. Luckily Scott saw the funny side!

Scott then got the biggest “small ice-cream” that I have ever seen. No wonder he looked a bit daunted!



He had a fair bash though and he had a mummy on hand to help.

SAM_2538           SAM_2540


Scott was super excited when I suggested some time on the beach and he loved it so much! The water was lovely and warm and he was in his element splashing around.

It was a long walk to the sea:


SAM_2544        SAM_2545 SAM_2546        SAM_2547


We actually have a very similar pose to this one from 2 years ago on Lytham Beach. This swimsuit has been a very good buy – lasted 2 years!


SAM_2554I had to have my trousers well rolled up as he made it quite far out.

SAM_2556         SAM_2557 SAM_2558        SAM_2563

He was so happy 🙂


It was a bit easier to see his face with the hat off:

SAM_2562 SAM_2564 SAM_2565 SAM_2566 SAM_2567

SAM_2569 I love this picture so much!SAM_2568


I have such a mucky wee pup!

SAM_2570 SAM_2571 SAM_2572 SAM_2573 Not so much fun cleaning him off.

Scott was asleep his car seat before we had even left Ayr. 50 minutes of peace on the drive home! 🙂




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