Chickenpox quarantine

On Wednesday morning as I was just about to take Scott swimming, I noticed he had some spots on his stomach. After further investigation I discovered he had spots on various other locations. Then I remembered that chickenpox has been doing the rounds at nursery. This has put the ball on the slates for us a bit the last few days. Since parks are out of bounds we took Scott down town for some ice cream and stone throwing on Wednesday night. This has been a common theme these last few days!

SAM_2413 SAM_2412 SAM_2411 SAM_2408 SAM_2407 SAM_2406 Looks like they’re trying to copy poses!

As we have not been able to go on our usual trips I decided to improve Scott’s garden toy situation so hanging about at home is a bit more palatable. In this glorious weather sand and water play seemed the obvious choices.

SAM_2505 SAM_2503 SAM_2502 SAM_2501 SAM_2498 SAM_2464

Assembling the waterplay with Scott beside me is one of the most difficult jobs ever! He would not give me peace to do it and kept moving about and standing on all the pieces. As such, there were a few leaks the first couple of days which Billy has now been able to resolve.

On Friday Scott was up at 6am so I decided to take advantage and get to the park first thing before any other children arrived:


SAM_2434 SAM_2432 SAM_2428 SAM_2444           SAM_2423

Scott’s “shop” was open for business as usual, but he is “eating” his own stock here – an ice-cream:


Laughing in the face of the pox:


Since the socks and shoes were already off, we headed down to the beach for a paddle and some stone throwing:

SAM_2457 SAM_2456 SAM_2454 SAM_2452 SAM_2450 SAM_2462 Scott is pointing out a jellyfish here.

I definitely felt like a treat after a trying couple of days so decided to bake something I have had my eye on for a while: “Paul’s Iced Fingers”.When I first saw these on The Great British Bakeoff I wanted one!

SAM_2473 More yeast and waiting for dough to rise again this week – sweet bread rolls, iced, filled with whipped cream and jam. A simple yet delicious combination. I did feel a wee bit sick after eating one last night!SAM_2466

This morning I took Scott up to the burn. I felt like I got a taste of what chickenpox feels like as the midgies were eating me alive. It was refreshing to have a paddle though.


SAM_2482Sharing the waterfall

SAM_2480 No fish caught today!


SAM_2476SAM_2474 A bit itchy

We have also been spending lots of time brick building the last few days and have been rather proud of some of our creations:

SAM_2420 SAM_2418 SAM_2414 Question: “What was your name when you were a wee girl?” What do you mean? “What was your name before it was mummy?” Fair question, I suppose!

This afternoon we took the pram for a wee walk:


We have been making the most of things, but really looking forward to the end of this pox. I feel like each day can be quite long, not to mention restless nights. No doubt more of the same tomorrow. 🙂

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