Chelsea Buns and Giant Kites

We have had a busy couple of days, mainly spent close to home. Yesterday was the Highland Games so in the morning I made some Chelsea Buns.

SAM_2330 SAM_2328


I don’t very often work with yeast so this was something a bit different. They are packed with dried apricots, cranberries, sultanas and orange peel and drizzled with orange zest icing. Scott also rather enjoyed played with the “play dough”. It is not so much fun trying to pick “play dough” out of the carpet.

The Highland Games was a fairly small scale affair. Scott took part in his first sprint race:


He veered slightly off course but still received his finishers biscuit.

This morning we went to Lunderston Bay for a dig in the sand and a play in the park. Conditions have been very windy the last couple of days, so it is not as idyllic as the pictures suggest!

Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to dig I go!SAM_2336

SAM_2344 SAM_2343 SAM_2341This sandcastle was his masterpiece today!

Scaling the heights:


SAM_2354 SAM_2347

He thought about this…..SAM_2345I managed to talk him down!

Taking a slide break mid construction:



There are some pretty good rock climbing opportunities at Lunderston and Scott took advantage:

SAM_2357 SAM_2356


He also took advantage of the water opportunities and got soaking (as per!):



On the way back to the car he spotted this high grass and made the connection with the “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” book. This was also turned into an action song at the Singing Kettle last week. When he saw it he shouted, “Look Mummy, grass! We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it – we’ll have to go through it!” He then did the actions of making his way through “swishy swashy”:



This afternoon we made our way down to the “Family Fun Day” and saw some pretty cool kites:

SAM_2367 SAM_2368SAM_2365

SAM_2364 SAM_2366

The tug of war was also good to watch with an ice cream in hand:




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