Summer holidays

I always associate going to Millport with the summer holidays as it was often a trip we took when I was a child. Even though I now live just across the water it still feels like a wee trip away to me. Given the poor weather we have had recently, I had decided that the next dry day I would take Scott to Millport.

One of Scott’s favourite jobs at the moment is putting the recyclables in the blue bin. I had stored up a big pile so this killed a good 5 minutes this morning:

SAM_2223He told me that it was “good fun”. Yes, we live in exciting times!

Scott chose to wear his boat t-shirt when he discovered my Millport plan and we then walked down to the ferry and popped in to see Scott’s daddy at work.

SAM_2229 SAM_2232          SAM_2231


Scott was then pleased with the bus trip into town:


Our mission today was to go rock-pooling and I had promised Scott a fishing net. He really enjoyed it once he got over the fact that he wasn’t going to come up with any fish! He kept dipping it in and then saying exasperatedly “Still no fish, mummy.”

SAM_2235 SAM_2241 SAM_2243 SAM_2244 SAM_2250


He really started to enjoy it when he began to scoop up sea-weed:

SAM_2245 SAM_2247

He only managed to find dead crabs, which he insisted on examining very closely:


He also made me laugh so much when he pretended that this shell he found could speak:


After such a disciplined fishing session, things then got a bit out of hand and just involved lots of splashing and getting soaked:




We waved to the Waverly passing by us:



Just as well I cart a big heavy bag of clothes around with us! Trampoline time was next:

SAM_2268 SAM_2267 SAM_2266  SAM_2265      SAM_2270


Picnic time came next:



By the time Scott had finished his lunch the big bouncy castle had appeared:

SAM_2276 SAM_2280         SAM_2279


Then after I had spent all my money, we headed to the park:

SAM_2301         SAM_2293 SAM_2289          SAM_2288


Scott seems to be taking his park exercise regime very seriously these days:

SAM_2295     SAM_2284


He just loves to climb:



It started to get quite sunny at the park so Scott got his sun-cream on and I

bought him some new sunglasses:


After this, the sunglasses became an accessory to adorn his head. Scott had his first Fab ice-lolly today:



As we headed out of town, we had had a scramble on Crocodile Rock:



Despite appearances, Scott is not wearing goggles!


I then popped Scott back in the buggy and he fell asleep mid ice lolly. This meant I got to walk back to the ferry and Scott was cheated out of a return bus trip and the ferry home was spent sound asleep.



He woke up as I was walking back up to the house, full of beans ready to go up the burn. As I walked back to the ferry slip today I was thinking about how much I hope that we can keep enjoying each other’s company. Scott chatted away to me all day and revealed many stories about things that have happened at nursery. Even as he grows I hope that this aspect of our relationship will never slip through my fingers.








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