Complicated cake and simple pleasures

On Friday, I made some red velvet cupcakes with Scott. We made a massive batch so I decided to letter some of them with fondant icing for my mum’s birthday to spell out “Gran”. I have had my eye on the cake I wanted to make for my mum for a while. It is in the Great British Bake Off Showstoppers book and since I first saw it, I thought it looked really impressive.

SAM_2198 SAM_2192

It is called “Jewel Box” cake which is hopefully obvious from the picture. It was quite challenging to do the decorative parts, but the actual white chocolate sponge cake was very straightforward. I had to make two additional trips to the supermarket to get more raspberries. You would not believe how many it takes to cover the entire cake! The sponge itself is coated with jam to stick the raspberries down. The ribbons and bows are made of chocolate and were rather fiddly to make. Any cake making that requires a ruler, marking lines on paper and the use of liquid glucose tends to make me a little nervous! I have to admit I am rather chuffed with how it turned out, though.

We took the cake down to my mum’s today to surprise her for her birthday. We waited until a decent hour – I always have to tell Scott that things are either closed or the people are sleeping so we do not leave the house at 7 am. Maybe not the wisest of decisions to show up unannounced since my mum was out. Scott was banging on the door shouting, “Open up Gran! Surprise! Happy Fathers Day!” (He was getting his celebrations mixed up as there have been a few recently!).

I was going to take Scott to the park instead to kill some time, but he was happy to kick his ball around in the garden while we waited for my mum to come back home. However, it started to rain and Scott was delighted to sit in the front seat and have a car picnic.

SAM_2204 SAM_2203SAM_2202


He did get a bit disappointed when I wouldn’t drive off with him in that seat, but he was pleased when his gran arrived home to see him.

This afternoon, Billy had some electronics shopping to do in Greenock so he dropped me and Scott off at the Battery Park for a play. It has been over a year since we last visited this park and this is the first visit when Scott has been big enough to tackle the apparatus.

SAM_2212          SAM_2207 SAM_2208          SAM_2205



He was especially pleased to complete the spider’s web manoeuvre.








It wasn’t long before the socks and shoes were whipped off so that Scott could feel the sand between his toes. He told me he was doing his exercises here as he attempted chin-ups. No idea where he has seen this!


Scott’s mobile shop opened for business again today:


We soon had a whole gang of kids gathered round wanting to buy ice creams with flakes and sprinkles. It seems that we all like the simplest of games the best. 🙂




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