Spout, handle, lid of metal, what’s inside the….. cup of tea?

Scott insisted on a hearty breakfast this morning. He also decided to pretend he had blood all over his face!



It certainly wasn’t summery weather today, but Scott decided he had to get into the summer holiday spirit and requested his holiday shoes on while making a traffic jam:



It was a bit showery off and on all day which seemed to put people off the park. We were lone customers most of the time.


A bit of sandcastle building on the tower:


Scott was very cute in telling me how to sit properly on the roundabout. Apparently, “you put your legs like this and hold on very tightly.”



We had a shot on the sea-saw. This can be quite painful for big people to squash into and requires quad strength to avoid putting your full weight down. Gotta get a workout somehow!


Scott’s shop was open for business today. Mince and potatoes and chips cost “5 money.” A bargain!



This cheeky chappy has just told me that he has no ice-cream left:




Scott was hiding from the angry witch on the swings:



Scott had a good old scoot at the skate park, but he took a few tumbles on the slippy surface.

SAM_2130 SAM_2127 SAM_2126 SAM_2125



This afternoon we had our long anticipated trip to the Singing Kettle. Hilariously, whenever the singing kettle was brought out, Scott shouted “It’s a cup of tea!” Photography was only allowed before the performance and for the last song.

SAM_2163 Scott was a bit subdued at first, but he was all set up for the “Rumble in the Jungle” theme.

He soon got into the swing of things:

SAM_2171 SAM_2170

These giant balloons provided some amusement before the start of the performance:

SAM_2165 SAM_2167




It is so much fun to see the little ones getting into the spirit of it and joining in with all the songs. It is very hard not to smile and laugh. The volunteers on stage is a definite highlight and who doesn’t like a joke about monkey poop pizza? The songs are very catchy- I am currently listening to strains of “It’s a Rumble in the Jungle” through the monitor as Scott is falling asleep!

On the way out of the Magnum, the cast were waiting to greet the audience – a very nice touch. We took advantage of a photo opportunity:



Billy enjoyed it too – until he found out on the way home that the tickets cost £12.50 each! Worth every penny to see Scott’s wee face. 🙂



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