Sounds of the Underground

Today’s plan of doing the Sightseeing bus tour of Glasgow was hit on the head when we arrived to find half of the city had been cut off for the British Cycling National Road Race Championship. This was unfortunate as we had promised a wee boy a trip on the bus! Disaster was averted with a trip on the underground:

SAM_2092 SAM_2079

All set up with his bus shirt too!

But a wee trip on the underground is proof that simple pleasures are the best:


Scott wasn’t keen on the idea of a sit-down lunch so he had a hot-dog instead from one of the restaurants on Byres Road which had a grill going outside.

SAM_2081 SAM_2080

The cycling was coming in fits and starts so Scott wasn’t really into hanging about so we just had a wander through the Botanics and a wee shot in the park.


Scott’s favourite game today was playing shops. Here the shopkeeper is:


His shop stocked a variety of goods from beans and sausages to bread and cakes with icing and cherries on top. Sometimes, however, he would announce that he “didn’t have anything.”


Since Billy couldn’t get the mint choc chip ice cream he wanted, he decided to take us to a cafe. Scott is becoming quite a fan of al fresco dining:

SAM_2090 SAM_2088

Not quite the day we had planned, but certainly not a bust either.


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