A Zest For Life

At 5.15 this morning my heart sank when I heard Scott padding through. Fortunately he went back to sleep in my bed though and lasted through till 7. Another rainy Saturday meant the softplay beckoned so we messed about around the house until it was time to go. Scott loves to sit up on the counters when I am making things in the kitchen. I can’t remember what he is eating here as he usually gets through a few snacks.



Trying to look inside his mouth, I am putting a guess on Cheerios!

Last week after I had made Billy his cake, he revealed that he would like a Key Lime Pie! Not that he wasn’t grateful for his lemon cake, but I had asked him a few weeks ago what type of cake he would really like and he couldn’t think of any in particular. He was just letting me know that a Key Lime Pie had come into his head later, obviously after the lemon one had been made! As such, I decided to give a Key Lime a go. It isn’t exactly authentic since it doesn’t have key limes in it and it is also a biscuit base rather than pie crust.

Scott had his first lesson on zesting today and he got the hang of it:


The end result is a rather tart but tasty Key Lime Pie:



Scott was very pleased with his outfit today…


And he kept running up to me to scare me with his shark:


We tried a different softplay this week, the Big Adventure in Linwood. It is more aimed at older kids so I was a bit nervous about taking him, especially as adults are not allowed on the equipment. He was a bit clingy at first but he soon got the hang of it. A conga with Minnie and Mickey Mouse helped to loosen him up! Sadly photography is not allowed in this softplay so I cannot display this awesome sight of a conga of toddlers. I did take one sneeky pic on my phone of Scott playing in the soft bricks. He was diving around which may be how he cut his head.



It has been showery all day and unfortunately I got caught in a rather heavy shower when I went out for a run. Scott was most amused.


It wasn’t Cold November Rain though, so it wasn’t too unpleasant. 🙂






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