One day, two cakes

To wake up to this lousy weather today was a bit of a disappointment after the glorious sunshine we had last weekend. Scott, as ever, deduced early on that we wouldn’t be going to the park today. He suggested the “Big softplay” and this seemed the best idea. Problem was, it hadn’t even reached 7 o’clock yet so we had a few hours to kill.

Last night I did my Fathers Day baking. One cake for my Dad and one for Scott’s Daddy. My Dad is getting a Chocolate Orange Cake (Mary Berry credit). It is actually supposed to be in cupcakes which may explain why it was not the most structurally sound cake to manoeuvre. I stupidly poured the orange syrup over while the cakes were still in the tins and this made them extremely soggy when I was trying to get them out. The result was that the cake needed pieced back together. The white chocolate and orange butter-cream icing thankfully hides a multitude of sins! I think it will be more of a pudding than a cake, but hopefully it will taste okay. It is finished with chocolate orange shavings.

SAM_1956 SAM_1954

Billy’s cake was one I have made for him before; “Gorgeous Lemon Cream Cake”. (Another Mary Berry credit) The cake is baked in two tins, then each cake cut in two to make four layers. Each layer is sandwiched with a lemon cream cheese mixture, lemon syrup and lemon curd.


It is a bit of an epic procedure to make this cake and it requires a bit of patience to cover all the sides with the lemon cream and then the sides with toasted almonds. The almonds part took 45 minutes!


I was a bit late to bed last night by the time I had finished and cleaned up the mess so wasn’t too into the idea of more baking today. However, Scott suggested it and we had lots of time to kill so I decided to go with a simpler no bake idea I spotted on-line a few weeks ago. These are Rice-Crispie cakes made to look like cupcakes. I think they look really cute!

SAM_1976 SAM_1974SAM_1973

The Rice Crispies are mixed with melted butter and marshmallows, squashed into the tin, set in the fridge then icing piped. I went with pink icing. If you put more marshmallows in you can have more of a pinkish tinge to the Rice Crispie part too.

Scott likes to “cherry pick” all the best jobs:

SAM_1968                      SAM_1966The batch:


But wait, there is one missing….

SAM_1972 SAM_1971 SAM_1970

We then headed out to the softplay and had a fun morning. Scott ran straight to the football park to kick the ball around.


There was plenty of sliding:


And balls up pipes:


He had a wee crash at the bottom of this inflatable slide and burst his lip, but he didn’t let it burst his bubble.


He then successfully navigated the bigger inflatable slide by himself for the first time.




Scott also enjoyed watching some of the bigger boys playing football:


He still likes a good coupe car!


This is one of my favourite things that happened today. Just before Scott went for his nap he was pottering about with his toys upstairs. He was playing with his pirate ship and decided to put it in his paddling pool (empty). He then ran and got some of his bath toys before taking off his trousers and socks to get in. Awesome! He then did start to add non water toys, but I am loving this wee guy’s imagination.


The inclement weather forced me inside on my exercise bike during nap time today. Not the same as a run, but better than nothing. Fingers crossed for some better weather tomorrow.

After tea we had a wee treat at Nardinis. Scott’s new favourite ice-cream is the “green one with bits in it”:


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