Sunshine Part Deux

We have been having more fun in the sun again today. Billy dropped us off at Andy Park while he headed to Glasgow on a shopping mission. Scott did his drills in the football pitch.


Keepy uppy challenge – or just a well timed photo!





SAM_1914 SAM_1913



He then had some shots on the slide:



And the swing. I am loving the sunshine in these swing shots.



Once Scott had finished at this park we headed down to the seafront for a paddle. Before we arrived he had big plans about swimming in the sea, but the reality of the coldness meant he was happy just to paddle.


The sand was lovely and warm and not too hot so Scott also enjoyed the feeling of this on his toes.

SAM_1919 SAM_1920SAM_1921

After this we headed home. It is the first time in a while I have had Scott in the pram and boy was it hard going pushing up the big hill. Needless to say, I was expected to keep up full conversation with Scott the whole time.

When we arrived home, Scott was hungry for his lunch so I made him some soup and headed upstairs to put our bedding on while Scott was eating it. I thought it strange that he was so quiet (normally he will shout requests to me) and when I came down I realised why:

SAM_1928 SAM_1929

Some people just can’t hack the pace of these sunny days!  Could’ve been worse, I suppose. He could have been face down in the soup!

We then had the pleasure of a visit from Kirsty and her lovely boys, though I think the sun was making Scott a bit grouchy. This seemed like the ideal time to take a trip up the burn where it is a bit more shaded. (All sorts of lies were told to convince Scott that the skate park was shut!) I think in the end he was glad of the burn option. He loved sitting beside his Dad with his feet dooked in the water.

SAM_1933 SAM_1932


He also enjoyed wading through. Again, he was a bit concerned about getting his shorts wet.

SAM_1939 SAM_1937



I love these pictures of Scott and his Dad at the wee waterfall:

SAM_1947 SAM_1945


Maybe one day we will get to bring a book and just sit for a while?



Yet another lovely day, but back to reality tomorrow at 6am. 😦






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