Things to do when the sun shines

Today has been pretty nigh near a perfect day. Granted, the 6.30am start was slightly earlier than I may have chosen, but who wants a long lie when the sun is shining?

I have been trying to make some ice lollies for Scott for the past few days. Although the taste has been fine I was unsuccessful in terms of getting it to stay on the stick. Last night we finally got a result. Scott is well in synch with his victorious lolly and the Scotland strip. This may be the first win in his life time!


Today is one of Scott’s Grandpa’s birthday so we made a Swedish Summer Cake to celebrate the occasion. It seemed appropriate to use strawberries and cream in such glorious weather. It is sandwiched with vanilla custard and whipped cream and on top are more strawberries with whipped cream. It is another gem from Nigella’s book and was fun to make. Though she ain’t kidding when she says you need to nerves of steel when cutting the cake into three layers. Newer, sharper knives definitely need to go on our shopping list.


I spotted our next concoction on the Great British Bake Off newsfeed yesterday and knew I had to try it. These are ice cream cone cupcakes. Very deceptive! They are cones filled with cake. You actually put the cones into the oven. They are then topped with buttercream icing and decorated.


This was Scott’s one. He got a little distracted by tasting it while he decorated, hence its slightly sunken shape!


This is what they look like pre frosting:


While I was pottering in the kitchen, Scott played his usual Saturday “build a tower with condiments” game.




Well, wouldn’t you be chuffed if you made this?!

Then Scott could wait no longer and tucked into his cake.



After that we got dressed and headed to West Kilbride for some more gala day action. We didn’t beat the Daddy record of 1 day, 3 gala days, but we did manage two. The first one involved lots of football kicking.



Just ‘cos it’s an empty net, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count!



There was a bouncy castle at the second one and a clown making balloons. Scott got a wee dog one made for him:



Yes, he only chooses balloons that co-ordinate with his clothing!

When we came home we dragged out the paddling pool and let Scott have a splash. 

ImageImageImageImage,Some people are never happy though as he was soon complaining that it was too cold and he wanted a bath! So we had a grassy bath and then Scott had a long sleep during which I was mad enough to go for a run. A slow plod. Maybe counts as endurance training or something.

Scott went to sleep super quickly (if late!) after his busy day. More of the same tomorrow, please!




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