Thank you for the days

Today started with a bit of painting. Scott declared that he wanted to paint his feet and his chosen colour was purple so we did!


Of course, I had to get involved too, and had my hands and feet painted.


As ever, things got taken to the next level and we moved on to elbows and knees:


Whenever I do anything like this with Scott, I always feel as if I am appearing in some sort of slapstick, “Some Mothers Do Ave ‘Em”. I end up saying “Don’t touch that” and rubbing paint on something while trying to avoid getting it on something else. Goodness knows how the nursery manages it with a whole squad of them.

Glorious weather today, so it had to be a trip to the Big Skate Park. I struggled to find a parking space as the park was mobbed so Billy and Scott went on ahead. I was surprised to see by the time I had arrived that Scott had made up the BIG slide. Now this slide has been unconquerable up to now and each time we have visited the park, Scott has attempted it. He has often gazed at it in longing but we have insisted that if he is to go on he has to be able to climb up himself. The first bit is actually quite tricky with the chains, but he was determined.

SAM_1814 He then breezed up the ladders fairly easily.


On his first couple of shots, he came out backwards and a little bemused!

SAM_1811But he made it out in more regulation style on his last go. I think his shorts may have slowed him down!


I was so pleased for him that he managed to do this today and pleased as well that we hadn’t helped him up it before. It was worth waiting. I insisted on a victory pose in front of the slide:


The rest of the park was probably a bit tame after this monster.


During our tea break Scott decided that he wanted his shorts on. This cake was supposed to be for me. Oh well!



There was a lot to see today: tight-rope walkers, cricketers, footballers and Scott soaked it up:



The scooting was a bit more limited today in the actual skate park as it was mega busy. My heart was in my mouth with all the action going on around us and Scott doesn’t have much awareness yet. There are only so many near misses my heart can take!

This one was just in the main park itself:


These were taken with the eyes on the back of my head saucering in panic as someone hurls towards Scott at 100 m.p.h. on bmx!


After a shove by a disgruntled skater, I could take it no more and we dragged a very reluctant Scott away. Our trip had to include the climbing tree:



Our boy is covered in scratches and bruises. Our boy’s every achievement makes us so happy and proud.

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