Who wants to make biscuits when you can bend a ball like Beckham?

We had our usual few hours to spare this morning so we made the most of our time biscuit making and tunnelling:



These are “ring biscuits”, another Scott favourite, with lemon icing and raspberry icing swirls. The dough was very crumbly when I initially tried to roll it out, so I refrigerated it for an hour or so while we played for a while.


We then got our biscuits in the oven and the icing made with raspberry compote and lemon curd. The end result is very tasty, but it was rather a messy experience making them!

After our biscuit making we got ready for the park. We headed to one in Inverkip for a change today and had our usual fun sliding and chasing about.


The rain started to come on so I suggested a cup of tea and maybe some ice-cream in the café. Scott had other ideas, though, and asked for his lunch. I couldn’t really think of any reason why not, so he did!Image

When he got home he happily told his Daddy that he should be jealous because he had just had burger, chips and beans for lunch! Scott was almost dozing by the time we reached home so he went for a long nap when we get home. While he was sleeping, I had a run and got a bit of a soaking. I need to stop cruising when I am running. I go into auto pilot and tend to plod along at an easy pace. This is why spinning is such a good class for pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I really must push myself a bit more or I will be stuck in this current lower and slower fitness level. A bit of marking was squeezed in before I had to forcibly wake Scott up. He is so into playing football at the moment so Billy and I took him to Andy Park where there is a wee football area. He has quite a shot on him, but he needs to work a little on the direction. Billy and I are also trying to encourage a two footed approach – it’s never too early!




Total FootballImage




The “Cruyff Turn” is next lessonImage



Bearing down on goal – Left footed strikers? how about Puskas? Heck, let’s just go for the top dog – Messi! no pressure, Scoots.ImageNot ruling out goalkeeping yet!

Scott also did a wee bit of climbing. Billy and I ended up discussing how old we feel at the park now – in terms of seeing hazards and feeling like at any time we could seriously injure ourselves. Head first over that barrier – head split, trip to A&E, jump off that climbing frame – ligaments done, lean back on that slide – back’s out. Not to mention the dizziness and sickness feeling on the roundabout! How does that happen? When does the invincibility go?


We eventually wrestled Scott away from the park and went home for tea. Our boy had his second big meal of the day – prawn and noodle stir fry this time. He has also put his knee through another pair of trousers today. Why do I have a feeling that this will be something that I will repeat many times over the next few years? My youthful death defying jumps off climbing frames and jumpers for goalpost days are definitely over.




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