My Little Empire

This morning at 6.20 when Scott started demanding his breakfast, I very much regretted my late night. I had a lovely evening with some friends at a book group discussing (among other things) “Gone Girl”. We certainly put the world to rights, but it took till 2am! As a result, I have been particularly tired today and Scott doesn’t exactly have much sympathy for this state of affairs.

We had some indoor play this morning as the weather has been lousy and Scott took his cars into the tent for a “picnic” and some hide and seek.



We also made some empire biscuits. I can’t believe I have never made these before. I have always been a big fan and Scott has recently made these his café biscuit of choice. As such, he was rather delighted by this bake. He especially loves the jelly diamonds so I keep catching him trying to steal these off the top!


After that, we finally got dressed and headed to the Big Softplay, aka Funworld. Scott is now very interested in where everything is located and he asked me if this one was in “Marnock – near mummy’s work.” His main goal though is ensuring that wherever we go it is just going to be a “short journey.” I have to admit, I feel the same way. There is only so many times I go through the Grimm brothers back catalogue!

The softplay was good fun and I always enjoy seeing what advancements he has made since our last visit. I am trying (with some success) to let him be a little more independent and head up to the slides himself. 


 We spent a fair bit of time communicating through the tube slides with him telling me he was just coming down and me telling him I was waiting for him. The softplay version of a walkie talkie!


I had a few shots of these one and it succeeded in keeping me awake!

Capturing these pictures of Scott coming down the slide is remarkably challenging. He looks as though he is emerging from a month in a real tunnel by the look of his face here:


I really like this slide shot:Image

Scott was quite drawn to the football area today and he loved pinging the balls about.ImageImageImage

He still likes “putting the balls in the pipe.”


Scott had his lunch there and kept getting attached to the very stringy melted cheese!

ImageImageScott fell asleep in the car on the way home so I had to hang around the kitchen when we got home so I could see when he had woken up. There goes my hopes of a catnap! We then had the pleasure of a visit to a lovely tolerant friend, Julie, and her two lovely boys who put up with Scott rampaging about. He had a lovely time playing with Andrew and didn’t want to leave.

Thank goodness it is bed time. Bets on whether I will be asleep before Scott?

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2 Responses to My Little Empire

  1. Hope you’ve managed to catch up on sleep by now! I ended up joining the kids for a wee snooze in the car on the way back from Largs on Saturday afternoon (obviously wasn’t the driver). X

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