New sneaks

Sometimes I feel I want to write down every funny expression or remark that Scott makes so that I will remember it forever. There are also lots of words that he says that I just love the way he says them. “Papple” for apple was a favourite for a long time as was “keek” and “kin” for cheek and chin. Today he discovered “cardigan” and has merrily spent the day saying “carbibin” Billy took Scott swimming this morning and then this afternoon we took him to get new shoes. On the way there he planned out the shoes he wanted – green ones with lights on them. I was slightly nervous in case such a thing existed, but fortunately (for Scott) they did and they were not as horrific as they sound! He marched out with his green (and white shoes) with flashing lights, mission accomplished – within 5 minutes. Very bizarre!


It was then time to go home for tea and then Scott had some ice-cream with a “quafer” (wafer). This is when being a parent is easy. However, much of the rest of today has been about when being a parent is difficult. From the 3.40am. “I need my breakfast” call, to the correct response to his defiant and bad behaviour with us, we have had a bit of a trying day. It is hard not to constantly agonise about “doing the right thing” with him and knowing whether I am being too soft or too hard on him. The tiredness and relentless nature of parenthood makes the perfection I strive for nigh on impossible. I am hoping to learn to settle with doing the best that I can. I often find others that can say what I mean more eloquently so I am going to go with Og Mandino’s“Remember that the most difficult tasks are consummated, not by a single explosive burst of energy or effort, but by the constant daily application of the best you have within you.” Hopefully I can make this work for us.

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