So our little round the clock boy has kept me on my toes all week. Every morning has been an early and active start to the day. A few days ago I heard an almighty thump from the hall and ran through to find Scott had jumped from the 4th stair up. Apparently it’s what super-heroes do.ImageThis morning the trend continued and I was up and about at 5.44. We had a lovely morning though and I very much enjoyed making this wolf cake:


 I came up with most of the ideas myself here as there wasn’t much “wolf cake support” on-line so I am proud of this creation. Scott’s favourite bit is the marshmallow teeth. I love to see Scott’s face when I can make him something he recognises and the Big Bad Wolf is a current favourite.

I used a square tin to make the cake so there were quite a few off-cuts after I had cut out my wolf shape. We had lots of fun icing and decorating these. I also had quite a lot of cleaning up to do! (Note – still only 7.39!)


ImageScott also got this assortment of items out from the cupboard to make a tower while I was cleaning up.ImageImageIt looked such a lovely morning so we headed to Lunderston Bay. Scott initially refused his jacket but even superheroes felt the icy cold wind. Definitely not summer yet!ImageGreat time was had playing in the sand:ImageImageAnd crossing the bridge:ImageClearly unimpressed with the speed of this slide:Image

A bit higher:ImageImageAnd swinging of course.Image

He is now enjoying the swings so much that I have a RSI from pushing so much. It may be because we play lots of witch wolf oriented games while I push him that he wants to stay in for so long. Just as well there were not many people around as I looked like a right weirdo creeping behind the trees in the “forest” looking for a big bad wolf!

The stint down at the water finished the trip off as it really was freezing. Scott loved “skiddling” about down in the water and making mush but even he wanted to go in as his hands were cold.ImageImageImageImage

 We headed home for lunch and a quick nap before Scott had another party. I managed to sneak in a run while Scott had his nap. I was a bit tired so didn’t try to push it and just got round. Scott had a fantastic time playing with some older kids in a great garden. He is getting smart. On the way over to the party he told us all the things he would like to have in his garden from a climbing frame to a purple watering can. No pressure mummy and daddy! He played for hours and our kind hosts Simon and Leeann were good enough to put up with our little ball of energy for so long. Just one erm red face for us this time: Scott decided to relieve himself in the garden! He basically replicated a scene from the park earlier that day when I let him go behind a tree. Oh well, no accidents, I suppose!

When we got home Scott had his tea and wanted to go back outside again. He took come cars out and we chased them along the path. Billy and I were both knackered, but Scott kept on going. He has been out nearly all day today. (We were good to go by 8am but held things back a little in the name of some sort of weekend decency!) Bedtime at last and the last peep was heard at 8.44 – 15 hours later. Just as well I have so much 24/7 love for my Scott. x

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