Drop knee sprints and other adversaries

So yesterday’s spin class included the dreaded “drop knee sprint.” This hellish little number involves standing up on the bike, dropping knees, leaning forward and going full throttle. It hurts a lot and I have to grit my teeth and close my eyes. We did some early in the class and then had the nasty surprise of some more in the last few minutes. This is when the instructor starts telling you that “It is not physical any more, it is mental.” He then throws in “And I’m PURE MENTAL!” as he throws in another 30 second piece of agony. I must be mental too as I love a good spin class.


In other news, I have had a wearisome marking load this week. Higher essays are a killer to mark and I often feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall. The marking session on Tuesday night and dawn on Wednesday fatigued me a bit for the rest of the week. Going to have another batch next week and that will be the last before I send this year’s cohort on their way. I always feel a little helpless at this time of year knowing that all of my work and hours of blood,  sweat and tears are resting on such unpredictable entities.


I got a new cook book this week. It is another Annabel Karmel number. I have really thoroughly used her baby cook book and know several of her recipes by heart. Blueberry compote is still a favourite in Scott’s breakfast and I dread to think how many butternut squashes and apples we have cut and chopped through one recipe and another. Anyway, I was in need of new inspiration so got the “Quick Children’s Meals” one. I did indulge Billy first this week with Annable’s White Chocolate and Apricot Cookies, but tonight I prepared the Tuna and Mushroom Noodle Bake for tomorrow night’s tea. I am hoping the crisps and melted cheese on the top (still to add and bake in oven) will win Scott over.  Billy was slightly concerned by the lack of meat involved, but has grudgingly accepted the tuna as a compromise.


Note: the red wine from last week is still here!

Tomorrow brings another first: Scott has a birthday party for a friend from nursery. This is a first in that I don’t know his parents or the boy. Our wee boy has made a friend and been invited all by himself! Another sign of the wee boy that he is rapidly becoming. Billy introduced himself to the boy’s dad the other day when he popped into Billy’s work so technically we now know them! Should be fun in any case.

Our other drama this week has been a boy who won’t stay in bed. He is taking a while to settle of an evening and is pulling out all the stops from needing a pee, a drink of water, a last cuddle and being hungry. I simply cannot bare it when he says “I need a cuddle, please.” Tough times. He has also been restless during the night and up very early doors so I am slightly zombiefied by the sleep deprivation. Fingers crossed I can get a long lie till 7am tomorrow!

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