Once upon a time…

Scott is enraptured by so many fairy tales at the moment. I keep catching little snatches of him mumbling away to himself as he plays. My favourite is from Rapunzel: “Some years later, it happened that a prince rode through the forest.” The turn of phrase from the old classics is fantastic and to hear Scott repeating it makes me smile so much! When we went to the park today I was of course expected to “be the angry witch” on demand. He also insisted on jumping of this big plant pot like the Prince and telling me that he “was not dead” but that he was “blinded by the thorns” in which he fell! This plant pot also doubled as a cage for Hansel to go in!


We also spent time finding stones to put in the wolf’s belly (see Little Red Riding Hood) and then he kept showing me how he would have to eat “vegetables from now on” – just like the Big Bad Wolf after he gets his comeuppance. Only problem is that the “vegetables” were an assortment of weeds and grass that I had to stop him from trying to eat.

As he was in the swing today I had various roles to perform – from Mother Gothel in the Tangled movie to the Big Bad Wolf knocking on his door a la Three Little Pigs.


In this picture he was putting the lid on the pot after the Wolf had come down the chimney.


This is Scott selling ice-cream from his “shop.” He made for a very pushy salesman.


 We were both a bit wind swept as it wasn’t quite as spring like as it looked, but Scott kept whipping off his hat and jacket even though he was chittering.


 A park visit would not be complete without some scooting:



 ImageI had a good run day; full route and a bit of Serena William’s Interval Training. Though I had a rye grimace to myself when I realised that my “fast” interval is probably just about what my steady pace used to be. Lots of work still to do.

 After Scott had an epic nap, I took him down to the football for the last few minutes. He seemed to enjoy it.


That’s lights off and stories done and finally silence from Scott’s bedroom.

Here’s hoping we all live happily ever after  🙂



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One Response to Once upon a time…

  1. Jean McClung says:

    Grandpa got so carried away being the” angry witch”from Rapunzell that Scott was actually in tears, hiding behind gran! He seems to know these fairy tails by heart!

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