Spinning at full tilt

So, back to work after the Easter holidays. The return to work after holidays has always been tough, but I find it all the more difficult now that I have Scott to leave behind. The feeling I get in the pit of my stomach every day is now oh so familiar, but it doesn’t seem to get easier. First week back mornings tend to be quite hard going and my increasingly determined and independent minded boy and I often lock horns. It doesn’t help that he has been appearing through at about 6.20 each morning as I am trying to get myself ready. The result is that I am frazzled and emotional before my working day begins. One of the benefits of my job, however, is that I have no time to dwell and find myself immersed in the world of my school. First week back has been as busy as ever as I rush my certificate classes through the last pre exam stages and keep on top of the marking this entails. The real drain on our time in teaching though is the massive amount of preparation of courses and the paperwork that goes along with it. A colleague aptly observed this week that it feels like we are on a never ending shift as a checkout operator: You think you have scanned through one load of shopping, but more and more keeps appearing. 

I honestly wonder sometimes how I could ever have thought I was busy before. Get lunches ready, prepare Scott’s tea for later, put on washing machine, move to dryer, re-start dryer, sort clothes, put away, start washing machine, do bins, make fruit compote and pot up, batch cook teas, work, meeting after work, supported study, shop, put cars away, wipe table, mark essay while sorting Gigglebiz for Scott to watch on the computer, dryer…..You get the picture! And it is scary sometimes how much of that is before I got to work.The main luxury is if I can squeeze in a glorious run. The energising feeling and escapism as I pound that pavement is second to none. My Thursdays involve a mad dash from after school supported study to spin class. This is a highlight of my week. The workout is amazing and I love love the intensity of it. When the instructor yells at us to “Go, go, go” I feel so alive! I also really appreciate the opportunity to compare notes with fellow runners and spinners who love it just as much as me.Image


From what I can see in the mirror, (This is an aspect of the class I hate and aim to get a bike that faces out the window instead) this isn’t too far off what I look like mid-class! One day when time permits, (another well worn phrase) I would love to cycle more.

And so back to Friday night. Billy did the shopping tonight and as ever he went off list. I made bolagnese for our family tea tomorrow night and asked Billy to get the smallest bottle of red wine as I only use a very small amount. Take a look at the picture.Image

Apparently the wee mini bottle is “uneconomical”. As oppose to this full size bottle that now has 95% still left in the bottle. And are we wine drinkers? Oh well, spaghetti making fun with Scott in the morning and will see what the day brings. Scott has a funny habit of describing how everything tastes by adding a “y” – rice crispies taste rice crispery, noodles taste noodly,toast tastes toasty etc.  So no doubt his spaghetti will taste spaghettiy! Hopefully I may be able to slow down from full tilt to a canter,


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