Slipping through my fingers

Some days I feel satisfied about the milestones that Scott has achieved. The last few months have seen a few and caused a few more grey hairs along the way. However, sometimes I feel a sadness to think that a stage has past. I am always reminded of Abba’s song “Slipping through through my fingers” and “the tiny handprints disappear, you can’t bring back what’s past.” It can sometimes be the strangest of things that bring on this slight melancholia. Today, it was seeing Scott sitting in a proper chair in the restaurant rather than a highchair and also his growing independence at the park. I can’t help but feel a sadness when I think that my baby isn’t so much of a baby any more. This sadness is never able to endure though as I love the colourful little boy that I have in his place.

Scott told us all day today that he was going to have pizza and ice-cream in “the cafe”. and he did:ImageImage

As you can see, eating is no longer a problem. This morning he managed his own breakfast and then insisted that Billy and I have our breakfast too. Not so much out of concern that we have the most important meal of the day, but more because he wants to share!Image

Scott also has a hilarious habit of telling us when we have had enough so he can have the rest to himself. Today he told me I could have “two more spoons” of porridge then he would “finish the rest.”

This was our first day out in a while and it felt good to have no sick members on board. Billy and I still feel a bit jaded, but Scott seems fine. After our lunch and shopping we headed to Glasgow Green for Scott to burn off some energy. It feels weird letting him get on with it more at this park as such a short time ago I had to shadow him all the way round and help him up the ladders. He can now cope with most things himself.ImageImageImage



ImageHe is such a copycat. He started with his jacket on, then unbuttoned because he saw another boy like that, then jacketless because other kids were doing that too. This slide caused all manner of problems. Scott kept sitting at the top crying and moaning. He wanted to go down but was a bit scared and intimidated by the general commotion at the slide and the kids that kept climbing up it. But still he persevered!

ImageHe was mighty chuffed with himself when he made it up this ladder!

Ok, fellow sentimentalists, here’s a couple to leave you with that always get me going:


There are always so many of my fingerprints to see,
On the furniture and walls from sticky, grubby me,
But if you stop and think a while,
You’ll see I’m growing fast,
Those little handprints will disappear,
You can’t bring back the past.
So here’s a small reminder,
To keep not throw away,
Of how those tiny hands once looked,
To make you smile one day.


Our Boy

Hold him a little longer,
Rock him a little more.
Tell him another story
(You’ve only told him four).
Let him sleep on your shoulder,
Rejoice in his happy smile.
He is only two and a half
For such a little while.


Maybe this is why I can’t get enough photos of my Scott. 🙂 

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