Epic Fail

So the last time, I set up my gingerbread house…Well sadly it didn’t quite turn out. The roof would not stay on and it kept collapsing. I was quite disappointed as I had hoped to decorate it with Scott. We have been reading Hansel and Gretel and he is quite delighted by the witch’s house with sugar windows and cakes on it! This is as close as it got:Image

In any event, Scott wasn’t really up to gingerbread house decorating. The upshot is that we have a lot of gingerbread in broken pieces to get through. Lessons learned: make sure the dough is a bit harder – put in fridge and cook a bit longer. I may be brave enough to try again one day.  Any success stories on gingerbread house construction gratefully received.

All in all, it has been a tough week and Scott has just got better in the last 2 days. I have also been a bit affected, but not on the same scale as Scott. (He has been super sweet though and insists on getting me cream to rub on my sore tummy!)The trouble is that the sleep deprivation has made us all feel a bit run down and this is something I am struggling with in terms of building up any sort of running consistency. I also seem to be vulnerable to all Scott’s bugs which makes things a bit tougher than my pre-child running days. On Wednesday, I attempted the Serena Williams interval training workout for the first time since I got pregnant. It wasn’t pretty, but it felt good (at the end!) to get my lungs really burning again. It also showed me that I have a long way to go to get to where I would like to be. It isn’t easy to get the runs in that I need though. I have now had two run free days due to not feeling too well so bang goes the consistency again. I am on the search for some more training podcasts to download to freshen things up a little. I also saw an advert for the Adidas 2013 Marathon 5 hour playlist which also looks good. I would love to do another marathon but can’t see how i could fit in the training and sadly my job doesn’t allow me to pick my holidays to schedule in a trip. Alas, I may have to be content with listening to the playlist.

This evening Scott ate all his tea and had some ice-cream. Last week this would not have been a big deal, but tonight I was very excited by this! He also shared my porridge (Hence why I end up sharing his bugs.)


He is trouserless here as he spilled some porridge on his trousers and Scott cannot abide having dirty clothes. He promptly whipped them off!

Scott also loves looking at pictures of himself and this can be a problem when ever I am trying to take a picture as he wants to see the picture before it has been taken. This grim mugshot of me (but super cute of Scott) shows how haggard I feel:Image

Scott also finally made an inroad into his Easter Egg haul tonight. I happily watched him munching on some chocolate. Got to fatten my boy up again!


This is the first time he has had an Easter Egg so I think he was simultaneously overwhelmed and delighted. He spent a long long time holding it and looking at it, before announcing he was going to eat some. He also wanted to save it to show his Daddy, but I persuaded Scott that Daddy could see the pictures.  I hope I have done him justice in his Easter Egg adventure!

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2 Responses to Epic Fail

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve caught the tummy bug too! Very cute of Scott trying to make your tummy better though 🙂
    I cheated a couple of years ago when making a gingerbread house… bought the ready baked parts from IKEA and just had to assemble it.Used caramel to put it together (just sugar and water if I remember correctly) – you had to be quick assembling it though, as the caramel hardened quickly, and careful, as it’s very easy to burn your fingers on the boiling hot caramel (guess how I know!!) x

    • dolster12 says:

      Ouch! Who knew baking could be so dangerous? I just realised that the kit one I made before had no roof and the side walls just leaned together. This avoided any slipping. Hmmm. They make it look so easy in the book!

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