Ups and Downs

Today Scott was sick again. Drinking water seems to trigger a bout and he was sick in the morning and again at tea time. He hasn’t eaten too much, he is just grazing occasionally. He did look mega cute as he settled down for some Cheerios after his bath. Billy and I are delighted that he munched away on his cereal while watching the football.


He is just getting the hang of his football patter – asking “Who is the winner?” ” Why are they having a cuddle?” He also enjoyed eating a gingerbread man I made today – more on that next time!

The last few days have been quite samey. Early mornings and then mainly lying low. We have had a lot of washing to keep on top of with Scott’s sickness. Yesterday, I brought out a new toy – a Hotwheels track and it brightened Scott up a bit. He likes to cheer every time the car makes the jump. As you can see, Billy quite enjoys it too!



We are sad to see our little man so listless at times and he is often pale. We did venture out for a a little while this afternoon. I had Scott in his pram for the first time in ages. He normally doesn’t tolerate this and wants  to walk, but he didn’t even put up a fight. He also turned down my offer of ice-cream. I really want my Scott back! 😦 We paid a short visit to the park, but Scott was mainly happy to watch and he spent a lot of time sitting in a swing.




It was good to get out for a little while and get Scott some fresh air. He also had a wee shot on his trike when we went back home. As you can see he is looking a bit forlorn. After this he had a long nap.


I managed my full run route today, but still a bit on the slow side. I did do a couple of faster intervals and really should discipline myself to do some more interval training as this really helps the fitness. I also made some gingerbread which I hope to assemble and decorate with Scott tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Ups and Downs

  1. Sometimes it’s to wonder who from the dad or the toddler is enjoying those toys the most !
    Hope Scott will be better tomorrow !

  2. Poor Scott! Lucas had the bug a few weeks ago, had both sickness and diarrhea really bad and didn’t keep any food for 4 days. You feel so sorry for them when they are that miserable. I hope he feels better soon!! x

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