Sick boy

Scott woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning being sick. The poor wee soul has been ailing since. After calling NHS 24 on Saturday morning, we ended up at the ADOC and   then up at the paediatric assessment unit at Crosshouse. It was all just precautionary, but it sure isn’t fun seeing my wee one so unwell. He has improved since then, but is still  not back to his usual self. Meanwhile, we are lying low. We missed a zoo trip on Sunday with cousin Kirsty and family and are all a bit fed up. Scott has made a couple of references to “getting his clothes on”, but I doubt he could make it much beyond the front door.

This is so unlike our Scott 😦

SAM_1253 SAM_1252

Before the sickness descended, I did some baking and I have also been managing a run every day during the holidays. I have been struggling a bit on the energy front as Scott has been restless at night and up early in the mornings, but it has been good to get out. Running wise, I have been quite slow paced recently, but don’t feel I’ve ever recovered my pre pregnancy speeds and energy. Any tips and inspiration appreciated!

This is Mary Berry’s Easter Lemon Pavlova. It is the first time I have tackled a meringue so am quite pleased with the results. One of my favourite parts of this bake was Scott’s comment as he came in to the house; “What’s that new smell?” This was in reference to the lemony aroma that filled our house!


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2 Responses to Sick boy

  1. Poor Scott ! I hope he will soon get back on his feet, or should I say on his scooter !
    Give him a kiss from Clyde and me xx

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